Monday, January 12, 2009

Play-by-Play Monday

Sunday night:

List of things to accomplish tomorrow:

  • Devotions
  • Get final paperwork from former employer for Chase (new employer)
  • Get part for Cory's Car
  • Take Cory's Car to repair shop
  • Submit paperwork to Chase
  • Study

Monday morning.


But had a great quiet time with God.

Which took another chunk out of my day.

I finished oversleeping, and devoting, and logged on to the computer. Ran Kaufman was online. I've been wanting to talk with him for days.

That's a miracle when he's a half-day ahead with limited internet and phone connections.

Called my former employer to request specific documents for Chase. Well, they don't have what I need handy... that's in storage, but they do have one document... I already have that document. Guess I'll try to send it. I know Chase won't like it.

Drove across town to get paperwork for Cory's car part.

Drove back across town to get part.

Part guy shrugs his shoulders. "UPS doesn't get here til 11:30"

Look at my watch. 11:15. Who knows how long it will take to sort their UPS shipment. I had planned to be done with this task by 10am. My day is definitely getting blown out of the sky.

I go out to my car. Shut my eyes for a moment. "God, this isn't my day anymore. You run this day the way you want."

Rearview mirror. The UPS truck pulls up.

I had the part in hand at 11:30.

Try to find somebody to help me take Cory's car to the shop. No go.

So I head to the Library. Study for 2 hours.

Cory's girl checks back. Yes she'll be free in a few hours. We'll take his car then.

I head out a little early to get his car. Cory calls. I'm barely out of the parking lot. He's taking an early day off work. Can he help me transport the car? Not only that, but can he help me fix my computer? Whoa. Too cool.

Car Transported.

I head to the library to print out the paperwork for Chase. It's not what they want. But'll have to do.

Almost to Kinko's. My former employer calls. They have the exact paperwork Chase needs. Can I pick it up tomorrow? Well, I work tomorrow, but, yeah. I'll figure something out.

They call back. Can I come over tonight? Copies are made and are waiting for me.

Get paperwork. Go to Kinko's and type up a cover letter. Chase calls. I let it go to voicemail. They want to know where the documents are. Guys, you have no idea...


Really it was like living a day in Africa again. If God hadn't opened doors and timed everything to the second.... the day would have been shot.

But everything's accomplished.

I got to sleep in.

And I still have time to study.

Lovin' it.


And I wouldn't change a thing - Rascal Flatts

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So... I'm sitting in Coffee Ethic the other day:

And these college girls are having some sort of planning meeting on some sort of - whatever - they were planning.

And one of them (with that air of leadership that screams I'M THE LEADER OF A COLLEGE CLUB THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT - BUT IS GOING TO BE LISTED ON ALL OF MY RESUMES) says, "That's one thing I learned from Obama. It's not enough to talk about change. It's up to us to do something."


no kidding.

Here I sat, quite certain that this latte had made itself, the bathroom had removed all pee-splatter by itself, and the backhoe outside the window was running itself...


Man, I gotta' listen to this Obama dude more...

(Side note: What planet has she been living on for the last 19 years??? Crikeys. WHAT are we coming too?)


I'm trying real hard not to shake.

I'm biting my tongue,

but I'm feeling alive and with every breathe that I take,
I feel like I've won.

- Secondhand Serenade

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Learned Something Tonight.

Don't barter with the step-dad.
You will lose.
That guy is good.

First thing my step-dad, John, says to me tonight is, "Wanna' buy a truck? There's one on Craiglist. They wanted $600 for it, but I talked them down to $500."
The truck is a little Mazda pickup. Great shape. Exactly what I've been looking for.
Well, neither he nor I have any money. (Well, I don't have money. Mom wouldn't let him use his money.)
So he calls the owners back up and tries to barter with everything but the bass boat. Everything. The van. My boat motor. The kitchen table and chairs.

No go.

So then we call up Cory. See if he wants a truck.

He wants a truck. AND he has money. Sweet.

So John calls the owners back to tell them we're coming to pick it up.
...And tries to renegotiate the price to $475.

Well, they wouldn't go that low, but what can I say?

The guy's got skills.
People said it would never work out
But living our dreams, we shattered all doubts - Jason Michael Carrol