Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy (2 year) Anniversary!

I was just blogging about my monthly income progress with my little, crazy enterprise and felt that I should also give this blog a nice update. It's been a good month...


Two years ago I was an immature, hot-headed kid making the craziest decision of my life. 

It's been a good two years since then. I'm blessed well beyond what I deserve, and that pretty lady I married has insisted on sticking with her crazy husband through it all. We've been down to pennies in the account, shared cornbread and beans together, watched each other go through intense physical pain (me with rehab after a bike accident, her with the birth of our son - not that one was equal the other!) and have spent hours camping, walking, hiking and traveling with each other through life.

I don't know how I'd live without her.

So, in honor of our two years together, and with great deference for the upcoming down payment our bank account is about to suffer, we spent a nice evening out on the town, watching a movie and going to Kai downtown. It was our first real date since the kid's birth,  and only occurred thanks to the Darling's two sisters who babysat for us that night.

We then went camping down at Hootentown and floated the James River the next day.  I hadn't used my big tent for nearly two years, and forgot to bring the tent poles.  I ran the 30 minutes back home to grab them. Got the wrong poles. Ran home again and this time got it right. grr.

We returned to our campsite to discover that we were camped under a streetlight.  Needless to say, we slept very little.

The float was great. I think the kid's going to become a regular seal. He loves the water.

The house purchase is moving forward nicely.  The Darling added some pics on her blog, if you haven't seen them already.  The work is mostly done - we get it reinspected on July 12th to make sure the construction was done right, and then we close on the 15th.

We should be homeowners by the end of the month. It's exciting. And Scary.(with a capital "s" apparently)

The kid is sitting on the floor, playing with my work lanyard and whispering to himself. What 10 month old whispers to himself?

I love that kid.