Sunday, October 24, 2010

It changes the World

You know, more and more I find myself feeling as though I really don't matter. The world will go on, with or without me.  Dictators will continue destroying anything or anyone that looks like hope. Evil parents will continue abusing their helpless kids.  Haiti will continue wallowing in the grasp of Satan. And Africa (As well as the rest of Europe) will shortly tailspin into the iron fist of Islam.

Hmph. It's overwhelming. And, frankly, there have been times when I've wondered if I'm not better off packing a duffel bag and sleeping under the overpass with all the other stringy-beard idealists you meet. (In case you don't know what I mean, try talking to a drunk, homeless guy for a few minutes. These guys have foreign and domestic policies figured out like no other.)

But today, I was struck by people making a huge difference:

This morning, as we were preparing to leave for church, I saw our neighbor lady herding five little kids (of different races) down the sidewalk. Dressed in their nice jeans and sweaters, the kids were enamored by the bugs and twigs and early morning fog still hovering around them as they slowly made their way down the sidewalk. 
The nearest church is at least three blocks away.  And I doubt all of those kids were her blood relatives. But there she was, leading the little ones into the arms of Jesus in spite of her lack of car or husband to walk beside her. 
Shucks, I've skipped out of church on weaker excuses.

And, at church.  I love to see how different people serve to make church happen. Like my brother-in-law that left his sick wife at home so he could make sure the piano got played.  Not that you need a piano for church, but boy does it make a difference. 

And sure, the world wouldn't have stopped today if those kids weren't walked to church. And we would've still have had church without a piano.

But there is something in this world about sowing and reaping. Something God designed in it.  And I haven't quite figured it out. But what I'm gathering is that when we do the job He's given us, the world changes for the better.

So I've unpacked my duffel bag and shaved my beard. I know my little spot in the world.
We'll haf'ta let the God take care of the rest. 

My Wife's quote of the night: "If it's Ravi, it's good." She stole another book from the library tonight.  I may just steal it from her.
The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives