Monday, November 23, 2009

Wow. I'm actually blogging.

Weird, the things chamomile tea will encourage one to do.

Things like resetting his blog password.

(Yeah, it's been long enough that I forgot what my password was.)


Does anybody remember stage 9 back in 2003, when Lance Armstrong threw a little cyclo-cross action into the Le Tour de France? (No? well, then check it.)

The great news is, he got back on the asphalt and continued his legacy.

Me? I started this blog.


So as many well know, there's been a significant amount of reason behind my blog's silence. Namely, my elopement with the beautiful lady that is now my wife. Events like that can really complicate blogs in a hurry.

I feel like now is as good as any a time to put some official (brief) word out on the matter.

Basically,I've done my share of screwing up. I've developed a disregard for family, an issue of pride and self-love, and a stubbornness that culminated in the recent wreckage I left behind at our church and in her family.

If I could do my life over again, I roll it back to about age 14. There, I'd give up my dreams of being a powerful, rich, man, and I'd focus on building relationships with my family that might have actually survived.

As it is, I think I'll have to hug my wife a little tighter, and spend more time fishing with my little brothers. That's the nice thing about big families. You at least get a second batch of kids to be nicer to.

Families heal, but not without their share of scarring.

What's been happening with me? Plenty

Like I finally finished my degree.

Turns out the diploma is only sorta' good at getting me work. So I'm takin' extra classes. Not sure what good they'll do me. But I've always wanted to take a Human Anatomy class. So there.

My wife roped me into taking guitar lessons, so I've been struggling with training my fingers to do things they never thought they'd do. It's frustrating to say the least. Good training, but frustrating.

The old colt finally died. Ok, so it's on three legs. Fourth gear went out, so now it's my daily driver for around town. We bought a 'lil (that's the model: "lil") 1993 mazda that needs a paint job. I'm just really thankful that God has met our needs so wonderfully and kept us in a car.

We put the bikes away for the winter. 'Twas sad, but the wife said they couldn't stay in the bedroom. *sniff

I ran a 5 k and got passed by a dude pushing a stroller.

Guess it's time for a gym membership

...and with that thought I'll wrap up what has been a rather self-centered blog post.
Thanks for stopping by!

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