Monday, July 26, 2010

Coffee Break

We were putting a new coat of linseed oil on Pa's car-hauling trailer.  "When I bought this trailer, these boards were completely rotted out" he said.  "I bought this trailer for a steal but it was tough to find replacement boards for a twenty-two foot long trailer."

It always took Pa awhile to tell a story, and by the time he got this much out, we were a good third of the way done with our painting. 

"See how these boards fit tightly in those grooves on either end? If I were to cut the boards, so that they would fit in the old grooves, there would've been too much slop for them to withstand much weight. But they were so long that there was no way they were going to fit in there as it was."

"So do you know what I did?"

"No, Pa, I don't." I answered gravely.

"I poured me a cup of coffee"

We painted in silence for awhile.

After enjoying the perplexed glances I kept sending his way, he finally spoke. "If something isn't working for me, I always pour myself a cup of coffee and stare at it for awhile." 

I don't remember much how he got those boards to fit.  Bent them or something like that.   But I do know that I've taken quite a liking to coffee.  Maybe it'll make me as succesful as granpa.

And  right now I'm trying to neatly fit 4 bikes into a closet that is too small for them.  I've never found cycling to be quite so frustrating as this.  So after getting royally perplexed, I've sat down for a coffee break.

We'll see how it turns out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is Golden

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd post some pictures of our new place here at Golden Pond Apartments (So named, because it is situated on the edge of a rainwater runoff puddle near Golden street.)

Frankly, I'm loving it.  It's new, and has cool amenities like an ice maker and a dishwasher.

Unfortunately, we ended up in a handicapped-equipped unit.  So, while we pay the same amount as everyone else, we don't have outside storage or a built-in microwave.  Who says the handicapped aren't discriminated against? At least we have handrails next to the toilets.

The worst part about moving? That in between stage where half of your stuff is at the old house, and half of your stuff is at the new one.  It leads to major annoyances such as having eggs, but no salt, or cereal, with no spoon.

We're getting there, though.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week, Hurricane Alex missed the state of Texas and veered into Monterrey Mexico.

While US news anchors chatterred anxiously about oil-slickened coasts,  thousands of Mexicans were loosing evertything they owned.
I recently received an email from Allen Johnson of Wings Bearing Precious Seed ministry. He had joined the PREACH team for a couple of weeks while I was in Africa, and his fluent Portuguese was an incredible asset in leading souls to Christ.

He writes:

Dear Friends,
I do not believe I have ever sent this type of email before but I feel compelled to do so. Pastor Raul Reyes in Monterrey, Mexico is a dear friend and a humble servant of God who has taken a stand for the word of God in Mexico.

Hurricane Alex brought much flooding to Monterrey last week. I was not even aware of it until I received some pictures from a church member (Pastor Reyes is not one to complain or ask for help). They were without drinking water for 8 days. Pastor Reyes’ house and the “Grace Bible Baptist Church” had several feet of muddy water which caused much damage. Their Christian school lost most of their curriculum and Pastor Reyes’ car was washed away and is a total loss.

There is no house or car insurance to speak of...Please pray for Pastor Reyes and their congregation as they “get back on their feet”. If you are led to help financially please send gifts to:

Wings BPS
PO BOX 1593
McDonough, GA 30253

Here are a couple of the photographs in the email:

Praying for Mexico,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Missionary updates

A year ago, I was assisting a customer who mentioned having been in Serbia.  Turns out, he and his young family have been walking by faith for a few years now, spending some time both on their misson field, and also here at home as they prepare to lead the work in Serbia.  Every so often he sends out a "Smilebox", and I've been blessed to be on their mailing list. 

Their most recent one was short, but here it is,

Kip Copeland and Family

Young missionary families always inspire me -- partially because I am now in that "young family" stage -- but would love to spend some time in missions.  I was with Jonathon Quinn on my trip in Guinea-Bissau, and since then he and his family have set up permanent residence there, and in a matter of 2 years, they have seen amazing things happen for God. I've been blown away.

Jonathon and Tammy Quinn

And last night, Rann was sharing how he got to lead 2 people to the Lord during James River's I Love America event.  It gave me goosebumps to here how desperate these people are for Jesus by the time they get to the front. They needed Jesus, and they knew it. Two-hundred people in all gave their heart to Christ.  Be praying for these new believers, Oh, but does heaven rejoice!!

"How can they live without Jesus?
How can they live without God's Love?" - Keith Green

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shift Happens

"There are those who watch life happen.

There are those who life happens to.

And then there are those who happen to life."

-(unknown. Heard quoted by Dave Ramsey. Let me know if you find the original author)

Ran across this today.  Are you ready for 2049?

Check it.