Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Overdue Update

So a lot has happened in the last - wow - 40 days since the last update.

I've spent all of my free time on a new project, learning about SEO, google adsense, and how to make money online.  I've had some small success, and will probably starting keeping a journal of sorts on this separate blog. It's suppose to be a two year journey.

We will see.

Primarily, life has revolved around the house hunt.  Our lease is up here in July, which means we need to know by the 30th of June that we have another place to live.  The Darling and I think its probably time to consider buying our own home, and hence, it has been the month of the house hunt.

There are several reasons for buying instead of renting this time.  Primarily, it will save on our monthly rent expenses, plus it gives us the reassurance (it commits us) of not moving for several years.

We have put in official offers on two separate houses. Turned out one of them was in a sinkhole, and the other one was invested with termites.  After a month of emotional ups and downs and after intruding on the homes of 20 different strangers, it appears we are going to chase the termites out of the one house and go forward with it.

Of course, nothing is final until we hold the house keys

Been thinking a lot about "living in the light of eternity".  I think I've finally found answers to some long-standing questions I've had. I'll have to make a blog post soon

 We bought a charcoal grill using a gift card I won at work.  Our upstairs neighbors had suggested we all go in and buy one together, but I said I'd get it myself since I wanted one anyhow.  Turns out to be a great idea and I am fine-tuning my art of charcoal grilling.

The Darling loves swimming.   It is a pity to move her away from the pool.  Maybe we can get a gym membership again.

I hate swimming.  I'd rather sun bathe this pooch of a belly I've seemed to grown in the past two years of marriage.

We've been married 1 year and 358 days. Last year we went to a bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs to celebrate. I wish we could do the same this year but I fear we will have to settle on a camping trip, what with home buying expenses looming

Camping is nice, though.