Friday, April 29, 2011

Time Spent on Good Thingss

It's been January since I updated? Wowzers.

Well, here goes, The Gavinator is darn amazing.  He crawls. And pulls up on things.  And kisses his Daddy.  I love the little guy so friggin' much.

I've always hoped to be highly involved in my children'(s) life(s), but I've also known that it would be a challenge, especially as I go through life: working overtime to pay the electric bill, taking night classes to get ahead  -- that sort've thing.

So recently I've challenged myself to make sure I spend a little time each night to get on my hands and knees with him.  And those moments are so sweet and special to me.  He just absolutely adores his mom and I, and loves nothing more than to have quality time with us.

It's amazing how this little thing that is so joyous has to be a discipline for me. I guesss I'm like any dad.  I get used to being the income, and mentally that becomes my first focus.  (After all, I do sit in the same chair for 10 hours a day.  It's not surprising that my mind gets its priorities confused.)

We've been trying to make reading the Bible a family goal.  It helps Gavin with his quiet time, and it's a good family practice to get instigated this early.  I'm sure my wife will write more about this, but we heard a fascinating viewpoint  today that only 2% of  marriages that are truly Christ-focused ever fail.  The small sacrifice of family devotions holds a high weight in spiritual warfare.

I've been fighting this cold.  Or maybe now it's just an allergy attack.  I can't tell, but its been two weeks and I'm miserable.  Normally, the Green Tea kicks it, but this time I started the cold away from home, and then only had 2 tea bags left when I got back.  I went through a box of tea thereafter, and kicked this thing, only to be revisited by a sinus-infection type thingy.

I'm starting to suspect it is actually just a major allergy attack.  Joanna and Gavin haven't seemed to be getting any of this.  (Thankfully) So perhaps its more of an allergy thing.  I took some Wal-dryl a few moments ago.  Liquid form. Dang nasty.  Can't say if it's helping much, but it is royally screwing up my writing patterns.

I've been doing a lot of writing recently. Including this article on How Green Tea cures my colds.  I joined Infobarrel where you write articles and then make money as people visit your page and click on advertisements around it.

 It's like what I do on this blog.  So far, I've made about $5 on the advertisements you see lying around on lostcyclist.   Nothing amazing, but it shows, in a minute way, the potential out there.    So Infobarrel is another way to write a 1,000 or so articles and then sit back and collect the $500 paycheck each month on your advertisements.  Feel free to join me.  (yes, It's free)

It's keeping me entertained since my programming seems to be primarily just straining the relationship I have with this out dated computer.

I s'pose I should quit rambling .  Here's to Spring finally arriving!